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Whiteboard: Accelerate Media Blog

They say nature abhors a vacuum. We love it. When we see a white wall,
we want to write on it. Thus, this space. Like the whiteboard-painted walls
in our conference room, we'll fill it up with ideas, express our opinions and share
what we've learned in our daily quests for insight and knowledge.

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Rochester NY Website Design Trends for 2019

Accelerate Media in Rochester NY explores some of the latest website design and digital marketing trends.   Continue Reading

Magento Development: Is it the Right E-Commerce Solution for Your Project?

Magento is a scalable, high-performance ecommerce solution for businesses. Right out of the box, it contains most of the functionality anyone would want or need in a shopping cart. It’s also extremely flexible and infinitely customizable.  Continue Reading

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Yii Development: Is it the Right Framework for Your Project?

Yii is a high-performance, component-based PHP framework for rapid application development. It can be used for developing a variety of Web applications using PHP. It is especially suitable for large-scale applications.  Continue Reading

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Drupal Development: Is it the Right Choice for Your Project?

Drupal is a great option if your website or application will have a lot of content and a lot of users, but also require a lot of flexibility.  Continue Reading

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a(m) Developer Library # 1: Three Fundamental Tools for Starting Development

This article is the first in a series we’ll be posting, highlighting in each some of the development tools we use regularly and why. In this installment, we discuss three of the fundamental ones we utilize at the onset of a development project.  Continue Reading