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If you’re looking for an agency to throw up a quick website and walk away, you’re looking in the wrong place. Similarly, if you’re expecting to spend endless hours discussing your brand temperature, you might be disappointed. We do our best to balance strategic goals with practical needs and we judge our success on results. That means a solid process, on a faster timeline, with less pain and more gain.

You betcha.

Meet the a(m)team

Jason Foley


“I love my job, I really do.”

I love my job. I really do. Every day brings new ideas, new challenges, and new relationships. A varied background in entertainment, marketing and management gives me a strong foundation for providing effective solutions. I enjoy taking the time to understand my clients, their businesses, and their goals.

The best part about what I do every day is piecing together the puzzle of each project. I have an incredible team who can do just about anything. And thanks to them we translate our clients’ visions into reality. A job well done, a happy client, and a product everyone is proud of. What could be better?

In my spare time, I do volunteer work and am a familiar face at the local volleyball court—at the beach when possible, but given our weather, inside is okay too.

Melissa Lord

Managing Director

“I love nothing more than finding out something I didn’t know before about my client.”

A lot of people play the violin. But many make it sound like a screaming cat. The same is true of branding: A lot of people say they do it, but sometimes it’s a painful process and the results can be less than you’d hope for.

I came to branding and marketing strategy from The New York Times and Random House and years in advertising. Maybe it’s the inquisitive, literary side of me, but I love nothing more than diving in and finding out something I didn’t know before about my client, and then using it to carve out a unique brand position.

In my spare time, I run after two beautiful children, three if you count my husband. I cycle when they let me, and I escape into a good book whenever I can.

Oh, and I play the violin.

Liz Wood-Hopkins

Director, Digital Projects

“I'm a people person.”

In both my professional and personal life, my true passion is believing in and serving others. It’s my privilege to support customers and colleagues alike in everything they do.

On the tactical side, I have over fifteen years of experience in managing the creation of digital strategy and content for marketing initiatives. I’ve led the development of everything from events to websites to award-winning mobile applications in industries including Financial Services, Life Sciences, Retail, and Technology. I strive to bring insights from my experiences to every relationship.

I  try to add humor and levity to all life’s interactions. I love to laugh with my wry husband and witty, bad joke-cracking son. On weekends, you can find us somewhere in the Adirondack Mountains, watching superhero movies (Marvel or DC will do), or at the National Museum of Play in the video arcade.

Brian Van Buren

Lead Developer

“Intergalactic planetary, planetary intergalactic.”

I am sometimes teased about being the “Doogie Howser” of website development. Not to brag, but I earned a Masters in Information Systems from the University of Buffalo with a 3.94 GPA at the age of 22. As an undergrad, I was a Philosophy minor. So with all my real world work experience, I’ll someday write The Zen and Art of Database Maintenance.

The secret to my success at developing websites? Pizza. There is a direct correlation between how much pizza I eat during every project, and my ability to conquer even the most challenging projects. So far, a(m) has had a sizable pizza expense. And lots of happy clients. Works for me.

Mike DeJesus

Front-End Developer

“The internet is like music, with infinite possibilities.”

I love music. Ever since I was a kid I would jam out with my dad to Earth Wind & Fire and Michael Jackson. I realized that with the right tools, you can do anything you put your mind to. I rely on this insight in creating both websites and music.

I believe that the internet is like music, with infinite possibilities, and that there is definitely a good and a bad—but everyone has their own preferences. I’m an alchemist of web design, and my philosopher’s stone is making sure the client is just as happy with the end result as I am.

Rob Kolb

Multimedia Designer

“I like to live on the edge.”

I have always been passionate about art and technology. New media design is the perfect fusion of the two, and gives me the freedom to produce exciting, interactive projects. From website design to motion graphics, I am always up for a challenge—and at a(m) there are plenty of opportunities for me to use my skills.

If I’m not behind a computer, then I can most likely be found in or near the water. Whitewater kayaking is one of my favorite activities. The dynamic flow of the river and challenge of navigating through it is exciting and inspiring. I like to live on the edge.

Kaitie Yague-Spaude


“I do the words.”

I love the diversity of our clients – each brings their own voice, personality, and tone. To me, it’s a lot of fun to discover and amplify that voice to help each client best position their unique value to a specific audience. Whether it’s a blog about glow stick activities, software comparison pages, or salon & spa advertisements, I strive to find that dynamic combination of words that makes someone’s services soar. 

Outside of a(m), you can find me at RIT helping students produce their best work as a Writing Consultant. If I’m not working with words, then I’m working with parachutes at WNY Skydiving as a rigger and tandem packer. If you can’t find me around the hangar at WNY – look up; I’m probably going for a plane ride with my favorite pilot (aka my husband).  

Christalyn Duff

UX & Graphic Designer

“It’s an incredible feeling to be a part of building a client's success.”

I love making beautiful, functional things. Layout, color, interactivity – all of these things dance around in my brain. However, meeting with clients is usually the main highlight of a project for me; I enjoy seeing their passion for what they do and working my “computer magic” to help them digitally present themselves for the awesome people they are. It’s an incredible feeling to be a part of building a client’s success pixel by pixel.

When I’m not designing something on a computer (which is a lot of the time), you’ll usually find me running outside, tinkering in my studio, or concocting something that “should be delicious” in my kitchen.

A man’s life is dyed the color of his imagination
-Marcus Aurelius

Matt Salvadore

SEO Specialist

“It's all about relationships.”

Whenever I tell people what I do I often get asked the same question “SEO, link building…what’s that?”

In technical terms, link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to our clients’ websites. But in human terms – it’s all about relationships.

I love the challenge of finding the relationships between a client’s site and other sites and then establishing that connection. It’s like introducing two people to each other who haven’t met yet bu you know they will end up being friends for a long time.

In my free time I volunteer to help people. I love helping other people learn to work together and get along. So link building is a natural fit.

Joel Glovacki

Back-End Developer

“I like a pretty typeface and a good debugging session.”

I build things for web, iOS, and macOS. I enjoy the variety and challenge that comes with working across multiple platforms and architectures. The things that make me most excited at work: a pretty typeface, a good debugging session, and getting started on a fresh project.

When I’m not writing code I’m most likely listening to sad songs and musicals, off in my own world learning something new (and probably completely useless?) – or living my best life with my adorable girlfriend and our color-coordinated pets.

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