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They say nature abhors a vacuum. We love it. When we see a white wall,
we want to write on it. Thus, this space. Like the whiteboard-painted walls
in our conference room, we'll fill it up with ideas, express our opinions and share
what we've learned in our daily quests for insight and knowledge.

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Link Building – Keep the Process Human

By being an effective communicator, giving out links, and fostering new human connections, you will quickly and easily enhance your link building.   Continue Reading

Best B2C Social Channels to Use (and Why)

Social media is a great tool for businesses of all sizes. However, if you're a B2C business, you may be focusing your efforts on platforms that generate little engagement. Check out the preferred channels and why to use them to boost your engagement naturally.   Continue Reading

B2B Social Media Channels: Why You Should Tweet At Work

How can companies ensure that they are getting the kind of social media interaction they want and need to grow their business? How do they know they’re investing in a solid growth strategy? There are a few easy things that you can do to improve your social channels that require nothing but a watch.   Continue Reading

My Experience Taking (And Failing) Classes in the Google Academy for Ads

Here’s the thing: I knew pretty much nothing about Google Ads. About the only thing I DID know was that the ads are the ones that show up at the top of the search with the little label that says “Ad”. Not exactly what one would consider outstanding background knowledge considering both my grandmother and the average 7-year-old could have told you the same thing...  Continue Reading

Rochester NY Website Design Trends for 2019

Accelerate Media in Rochester NY explores some of the latest website design and digital marketing trends.   Continue Reading

Magento Development: Is it the Right E-Commerce Solution for Your Project?

Magento is a scalable, high-performance ecommerce solution for businesses. Right out of the box, it contains most of the functionality anyone would want or need in a shopping cart. It’s also extremely flexible and infinitely customizable.  Continue Reading

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Yii Development: Is it the Right Framework for Your Project?

Yii is a high-performance, component-based PHP framework for rapid application development. It can be used for developing a variety of Web applications using PHP. It is especially suitable for large-scale applications.  Continue Reading

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8 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

One of the most “simple” goals business owners have is to reduce their bounce rate. However, a goal as “simple” as decreasing bounce rate can be quite complicated. Overall, the business owner is really looking to increase engagement on site, and hopefully increase conversion rate. To do this, you need to know what to look for.  Continue Reading

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Common Grammar Mistakes You Need to STOP Making

Good grammar and writing are essential in the workplace. Whether it’s emailing a coworker, typing a proposal, or constructing a blog post for your company, it’s imperative that you get your point across in a professional, intelligent manner.  Continue Reading

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Is Your Online Payment Provider Right for You?

Recently one of our clients came to us with a dilemma and asked; “Are we using the best online payment provider for our business?”There’s a lot of speculation over the web about what online payment provider is best. So I did some investigating.I researched several different providers including, Authorize.Net, Stripe, PayPal and PayPal Pro. I've evaluated each service based on customization, security, cost, customer service, and user interface.  Continue Reading

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4 Ways to Get Quality Links for Your Domain

Building quality links is essential to improving your website’s rank on Google. But with search engines getting stricter in their enforcement of link building rules, it’s more important than ever to do it right.Here are 4 ideas for obtaining legitimate links.  Continue Reading

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​Spruce Up Your Summer Marketing

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and snow is finally in the rear view mirror. Spring has sprung, and that means it’s time to spring-clean your online marketing and set yourself up for a successful summer. Ask yourself the following questions; the answers can help you improve your website’s profitability and optimize your marketing plan as a whole.  Continue Reading

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​How to Reduce Wasted Spend in PPC

Wasted advertising dollars kill profitability, regardless of medium. Unlike traditional advertising though, digital media marketing is eminently trackable. So there’s no excuse for wasteful spending—especially on pay-per-click programs.  Continue Reading

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​New Year, New Content

Every search engine optimizer knows that content marketing is the name of the game, but what’s the best way to disseminate that content to earn likes and shares on social media—and, ultimately, to gain inbound links?  Continue Reading

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Native Advertising: Is it News or Advertising?

Native advertising is a concept that’s on fire these days. Every marketing blog seems to rave about how it ‘s the new must-do kind of advertising! But what on Earth is it and how can it fit into your marketing plan?  Continue Reading

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Seasonality, Holidays and ROI

It’s suddenly that time of the year again! Snow falling, turkeys roasting and Black Friday and Cyber Monday, unbelievably, behind us.It is a fact that conversion intent is highest during the months of November and December (especially on Black Friday & Cyber Monday). Consumers have their wallets out and are ready to pull the trigger on any deal that appeals to their interests. Don’t sit idle; there’s money on the table!  Continue Reading

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Drupal Development: Is it the Right Choice for Your Project?

Drupal is a great option if your website or application will have a lot of content and a lot of users, but also require a lot of flexibility.  Continue Reading

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a(m) Developer Library # 1: Three Fundamental Tools for Starting Development

This article is the first in a series we’ll be posting, highlighting in each some of the development tools we use regularly and why. In this installment, we discuss three of the fundamental ones we utilize at the onset of a development project.  Continue Reading

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How Big Should a Logo on a Website Be?

One of the first items of feedback on website design we often receive is, “Can you make my logo bigger?”  Continue Reading

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3 Ways to Use Paid Search Prior To SEO

I’ll admit it: my marketing roots are as a PPC Guy. Now with that said, I do believe SEO is the top priority in making a website an integral cog in your business success. I just also believe that sometimes it makes sense to step b…  Continue Reading

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