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Whiteboard: Accelerate Media Blog

They say nature abhors a vacuum. We love it. When we see a white wall,
we want to write on it. Thus, this space. Like the whiteboard-painted walls
in our conference room, we'll fill it up with ideas, express our opinions and share
what we've learned in our daily quests for insight and knowledge.

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Rochester NY Website Design Trends for 2019

Accelerate Media in Rochester NY explores some of the latest website design and digital marketing trends.   Continue Reading

How Big Should a Logo on a Website Be?

One of the first items of feedback on website design we often receive is, “Can you make my logo bigger?”  Continue Reading

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Above the Fold

Our clients often express a desire for their users to see all (or a majority) of their website content at first glance. They typically ask us to move everything up so that they don’t have to scroll to see important information located “below the fold.”  Continue Reading

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