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We are not a PR company and we plan to keep it that way. But, we do know where, when, and how press releases fit into an overall strategy.

The reality is that the part of PR that overlaps with digital marketing has less to do with press releases and more to do with reviews. Review initiatives can range from being as in-depth as getting on the Gartner leader quadrant or as simple as getting more quality Google and Facebook reviews.

Online Marketing

Digital Public

Traditional PR is usually about generating brand awareness, influencing public opinion, and proactively managing reputation. Digital reputation management & PR does all of that, too, but with a focus on the company’s online presence. Smart digital PR can help a business in many ways, including gaining high-quality backlinks, improving domain authority, and cultivating increased positive brand awareness. From social media presence to review aggregator rankings, there are myriad ways we help our clients manage their digital persona.



Reviews are an important signal of the public’s trust in a company. If a customer is willing to shout their opinions to the world about a product or service, it means they believe in it and stand behind it. For this reason, we’ve helped clients of all sizes execute review generation campaigns to increase their digital relevancy across various channels. 

We’ll get to know your business and current digital presence so we can make informed recommendations about the methods that will work best for you. From email drip campaigns to external review management tools, we uncover ways for you to bolster your reviews and signal public approval of your products or services. 

SEO & Content Marketing


Nowadays, a company’s online reputation is its reputation. If a business has fewer than 4 stars on Google, we don’t go there. If a website is slow or unresponsive, we assume the company behind it is as well. And, when we ask a public question, we expect a public response. Establishing 1-to-1 communication channels, reducing friction, and publicly addressing comments/reviews are all major facets of reputation management in today’s digital world. Don’t wait for a PR nightmare to worry about your online reputation; start with calculated, conscious interactions that help establish your brand. 

See how we meet these needs with ease.

Review Management

Monroe Tractor

Monroe Tractor

Monroe Tractor is an agriculture and construction equipment powerhouse with 14 different locations across the northeast. We executed an email review generation campaign that was specifically tailored to each location and the types of equipment they offered: agriculture, construction, or both. After generating a large number of reviews, we embedded review streams on their website on each of the respective location pages to give these reviews even greater visibility. To help these streams continue to grow over time, each was accompanied by a button inviting users to leave their own review if so desired.

Vital Motion

Vital Motion

As creator of the Hummingbird, Vital Motion is focused on fibromyalgia symptom relief. Because fibromyalgia symptom relief is different for everyone, it was crucial to gather real Hummingbird user reviews and testimonials to help show the legitimacy of the product. We executed a review campaign and embedded the review feed directly into Vital Motion’s website, signaling that vitally important public trust to hundreds of potential customers. 

Reputation Management


Indotronix Avani Group

The Indotronix Avani Group had 8 different social media accounts across 3 platforms—more than they could effectively manage. It was critical that they remove old and redundant accounts in order to create a cleaner, and more manageable, social presence. We performed calculated follower migration to leverage the strongest accounts’ presences and created a sunsetting and communications plan to keep social followers aware and engaged.

Fulkerson Winery

Fulkerson Winery

As one of 35 wineries on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, digital relevancy is important to help Fulkerson Winery stand out from the crowd. Seeing as one of Fulkerson Winery’s main offerings, fresh grape juice for home winemakers, is a seasonal item, it became important to supplement their site with an alternate season offering in order to reduce confusion caused by featuring non-available product(s). By supplementing Fresh Juice for Wedding advertising during off-seasons, we saw a decrease in questions from confused customers and a positive boost to the brand as they joined the ranks of other “wedding wineries.”

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