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"I love nothing more than finding out something I didn’t know before about my client."

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Melissa Lord

Director of Marketing

A lot of people play the violin. But many make it sound like a screaming cat. The same is true of branding: A lot of people say they do it, but sometimes it's a painful process and the results can be less than you’d hope for.

I came to branding and marketing strategy from The New York Times and Random House and years in advertising. Maybe it's the inquisitive, literary side of me, but I love nothing more than diving in and finding out something I didn’t know before about my client, and then using it to carve out a unique brand position.

In my spare time, I run after two beautiful children, three if you count my husband. I cycle when they let me, and I escape into a good book whenever I can.

Oh, and I play the violin.

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