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Confession, we don’t love “social media campaigns.” What we do love is social marketing with trackable ROI.

While everyone loves “followers” and “engagement”, those things don’t usually help towards the ultimate goal of conversions. Instead, we focus on the value of a social presence and getting great results on targeted paid social media marketing. If you want a social strategy that is rooted in results and not fluff, we might be the right fit for you.


Time Frame: One Year

Increase in Leads

Reduction in Cost Per Acquisition

The price was right for CEIPAL and their LinkedIn marketing campaign.


CEIPAL, a SaaS platform offering recruiting and workforce management software, became a client at the end of 2018. We work with them for a variety of services, one of which being social media advertising. Prior to a(m), CEIPAL invested $8,000 into a LinkedIn advertising campaign in order to test the feasibility of adding a new channel to their marketing mix. The results were modest at best – 60 leads and a cost per acquisition of $141. 


When a(m) was tasked with driving new leads with LinkedIn, we couldn’t help but get excited. Similar to our Facebook advertising strategy, a(m) leveraged LinkedIn’s powerful look-a-like audience algorithm to find prospects that might need the same solution that existing customers needed. Given the previous lackluster results, the client agreed to a $2,000 starting budget with cautious optimism.

Our Solution

Skilled Targeting


Through savvy decision making and skillful targeting, a(m) was able to increase lead volume by 15% off of a quarter of that initial budget. The most impressive metric was the improvement in the cost to acquire a new lead, dropping from an initial $141 down to $31 – an impressive 78% cost reduction. With that low of a cost per acquisition, CEIPAL was thrilled – approving an increase in budget on the spot. 

CEIPAL LinkedIn Lead Stats Wide

“Accelerate Media’s ability to take something good and turn it into something great is truly remarkable. To say it simply, they know their stuff.”

Peter Velikin, CMO

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