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Yii Development: Is it the Right Framework for Your Project?

avatar Rob Kolb | Multimedia Designer

Resident Yii Guru: Brian Van Buren

As a(m)’s lead Yii developer, Brian manages our skilled team of front- and back-end programmers and oversees the development of all our projects. He’s also our in-house expert when it comes to custom Yii development.

About Yii Programming

Yii is a high-performance, component-based PHP framework for rapid application development. It can be used for developing a variety of Web applications using PHP. It is especially suitable for large-scale applications.

When to Use Yii Framework

If your website will be a large, complex Web application, Yii is our first choice! It’s a proven architecture that is fast, stable and easy to extend. And with the recent release of Yii 2.0, it’s better than ever. There’s nothing we can’t build with Yii—and we’ll build it fast.

If your website is simpler, with basic content editing needs, we might recommend WordPress or a similar CMS that has an easy-to-use administration interface right out of the box.