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"I’ve got the best of both worlds."

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Kelsey Ptucha

Digital Marketing Specialist

Growing up, my favorite classes at school were math and art. That may sound like a contradiction, but it worked for me.

I enjoyed math because I love working with numbers; I loved the satisfaction of finding the definitive, objective solution to a quantifiable problem. I relished art because it gave me a chance to exercise the creative side of my brain—an opportunity to explore ideas that don’t always have right or wrong answers.

I always hoped I would find a job that would allow me to indulge both sides of my brain, manipulating numbers while expressing my creativity. That’s why I love working at a(m). On a daily basis, I combine online analytics with creative marketing strategies to create effective campaigns for our clients. I’ve got the best of both worlds.

Outside of work, I enjoy running marathons and watching football. I love hanging out with friends and family, and I’m equally happy reading a new book or engaging with social media. Yep, the best of both worlds.

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