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Below you’ll find those articles, plus a few of our own, that we’ve put together based on insights we’ve gained throughout our time in the industry.

13 SEO Ideas for 2021

13 SEO Ideas for 2021

Another year, another list of what you should be focusing your search engine optimization efforts on. Below we’ve highlighted 13 things you need to keep in mind—and keep an eye out for—this year.

Google Google Question Hub

Google Question Hub

Why it’s worth checking out:

Described as “a tool that enables creators to create richer content by leveraging unanswered questions,” Question Hub is basically a repository of Google search queries that currently don’t have answers. Sign up to look at questions and provide a URL to your website for any you can answer. Did someone say featured snippet?!

SEO: Not a Job Title, but a Thing We Do

SEO: Not a Job Title, but a Thing We Do

SEO: is it something someone does as a “Search Engine Optimizer”? Or a strategy these types of people employ while working? Learn why this loaded term doesn’t adequately describe what this specialized field of Web strategy is all about.

Yoast Image SEO: Optimizing images for search engines

Image SEO: Optimizing images for search engines

Why it’s worth checking out:

As an industry-recognized leader in this area, Yoast’s tips, advice, and examples prove to be great overall instructions for those who have yet to focus on this specific SEO aspect. But, even if you already do image SEO, we bet the resources provided in this article will introduce you to a new tool or two!

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